Traction Footwear

When Winter meets Traction

KickSpike, the name says it all – traction footwear that has retractable spikes when you kick the back of the heel. What started as an idea for a golf shoe, has evolved into your everyday boot for work, outdoor adventures or keeping you stable when the weather is frightful.

When Founder Darrell Bachmann designed the boot for the golf course to help stop spike holes on the putting green, he was asked if KickSpikes would work as an everyday boot. Now, KickSpikes are used for recreation and working out in the field. KickSpikes are recognized globally as the traction footwear that keeps you from falling and causing possible injury, allowing you to Defeat Winter!

So, what’s the secret to these amazing traction boots? metal spikes – at the click of a button, spikes will pop out from the sole of the boot giving you traction when walking on snow and ice. The traction technology is made from 303 Stainless Steel and 100% no rust, you won’t have to worry about another pair of Winter boots again!