Adult Falls

Each year, it is reported that millions of people, generally 65 and older fall, causing serious injury. 800,000 patients are emitted into the hospital yearly because of a serious fall, most cases are head injury or hip fractures which make up 95% of patients who have fallen. After a fall, bones may become weaker or […]

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Traction Footwear

When Winter meets Traction KickSpike, the name says it all – traction footwear that has retractable spikes when you kick the back of the heel. What started as an idea for a golf shoe, has evolved into your everyday boot for work, outdoor adventures or keeping you stable when the weather is frightful. When Founder […]

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In icy Alaska, footwear options abound to stay upright

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Darrell Bachmann doesn’t wear ruby slippers, but when he clicks his heel, something magical happens. Bachmann invented KickSpikes, a boot designed to walk on ice. Kick a button on the heel and 7mm steel cleats pop out. Kick the button again and the cleats retract, allowing the wearer to walk inside […]

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