Adult Falls


Each year, it is reported that millions of people, generally 65 and older fall, causing serious injury. 800,000 patients are emitted into the hospital yearly because of a serious fall, most cases are head injury or hip fractures which make up 95% of patients who have fallen.

After a fall, bones may become weaker or agitated from a previous injury. Most often, people who have fallen find themselves scared to fall again, so they decrease their daily activity and exercise to avoid re-injuring themselves.

KickSpike’s were created to prevent the risk of falling, so you can enjoy your daily activities when the walkways are slick or rugged and covered in snow and ice. The boots have stainless steel spikes built in the heel for a fast and convenient traction boot at the click of a button — no need to bend down and over extend your back.

The traction technology is great for leisure walking, extreme use and can be used as a work boot because they have ASTM certified composite safety toes. In 2015, there were 303,800 work place fall related injuries in the US — now several businesses rely on KickSpike’s to ensure their employees safety and reduce their risk of falling while on the job.


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